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  • Dashboard – Multiple Theme Changing Dashboard. Dark And Light Mode Sereen. Big, Medium, Small Icon Marking System.
  • Graph – All Users Different And Specific Graphical Term Carry Processable.
  • Student Panel – Face To Face Editable Profile Base Stadent Panel. It Mainain Student Details, Make Addmission And Make Category Student Base.
  • Student Transfer – Every Student Speasic Selection Based And Section At Class Promotional Transfer System.
  • Teacher Panel – Teacher Account Active Or Non Activation, Editable Profile System. It Carry Teacher List Add Designation And Must Be Required Add To New Teacher.
  • Timetable Setting – Starting And Ending Time Setting System Daily Class, Set Class Routine, Exam And Set Exam Timetable Upgrade System.
  • Attendence Control – 3 Types Of Attendence Controlling System. Teacher, Student And Student Exam Attendence Can Be Maintain With Set All Present, Set All Absent And Set All Holiday Status Setting System.
  • Exam Control – Exam Controlling Is A From General Exam Managment Control System.It Maintain The Exam Term Setting System,Exam Attendence And Marking Attendence With 3 Type Of Status.
  • Mark Controlling – Mark Controlling Maintain With Modern Mark Register,Lower And Upper Grade Range System, Mark Percent Base Mark Sheet Printable.
  • Digital Library Controlling – Library System Consist With Books Stock, Books Category, Books List, Books Maintain System. Issue And Return Process. Everyone Can Receive Book Any Time.
  • Transport Control – Transport Control Processing By Route Control, Vehicle Control And For Every Student And Teacher To Transport Allocation.
  • Hostel – Hostel Maintain By Hostel Control, Room Control, Hostal Category, Hostel User’s And Hostel Superintendent.
  • Security Full Finance Control System – A Strong Security For Finance Control. All Sector Must Be Requirement. Particular Payment Invoice History, Invoice Verified By Parents.
  • Multi Online Payment Gateway – International 3 Payment Gateway Paypal, Stripe, Payumoney Api. Particular Invoice Remotely Payment Active Or Deactivate Feature.
  • SMS Gateway – Advanced Multi Sms Gateway Setting. Clickatell, Twilio, Msg91, Bulk Gateway Active Or Deactivate Feature.
  • Internal Messaging – Html And Plain Sms Writing Option With Receiptiont And Subject Based System.
  • Auto Report Generated – Daily Balance Sheet Report Auto Generated. Student, Teacher Particular Attendance Type Reporting.
  • Database Backup – Privilege User Can Save And Safe Backup Of Security Of Data.
  • System Setting – Dark And Light Background Color Theme Setting. Big, Medium, Small Icon, Border Style And Sidebar Changeable Theme. Footer Text And Sms Enable Or Disable And More Option Settings.
  • Session Settings – Valid Required And Numeric Session Year Settings.
  • Media Gallery – Every Employees Can Upload The Video.
  • All Visible Invoice History – Parent And Student Showing Option Invoice History System. Automatic Generated For All Sector.


# PHP Version 5.3 or newer

# MYSQL Version 5.5 or newer

# PHP GD Extension

# PHP MYSQL Extension

# PHP PDO Extention

# PHP CURL Extention

# PHP DOM Extension


# Unzip the downloaded folder
# Make sure in script folder “index.php” file have permission as 644
# Copy the files inside folder : “My School Management System Pro” into your server
# Menually create a database using “Phpmyadmin”
# The auto web installer will start
# Make sure your PHP Version 5.3 or newer available in your server
# Make sure MySQL PHP extension available in your server
# Make sure PHP CURL extension available in your server
# Make sure database config file to be writtable
# Make sure routes config file to be writtable
# Make sure database file is loaded
# Press the “next” button
# Enter database hostname, database name, username and password
# Enter your organization information and admin login information and timezone information
# Now click “Signin” button and ready for signin……

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